Welcome to the homepage of the International Group for The Study of Lithium Treated Patients (IGSLI). Here you will find an introduction to the wide range of research activities and publications of IGSLI.

Our main objectives are:

  • to conduct excellent, thorough, and innovative research, focusing primarily on affective disorders with particular emphasis on lithium,
  • to be at the forefront of current developments in medical research and care in affective disorders, and to play an active role in the changes being made to patients with affective disorders,
  • to facilitate the joining together of scientific data from the IGSLI member centers for the purpose of a joint analysis,
  • to work in close cooperation with other research institutions and professional associations on an international level.

Through this website, we hope to provide you with a picture of the dedicated professionals who work with IGSLI and the ways in which they are contributing to the medical profession and the advancement of research and care in affective disorders.

Michael Bauer, MD, PhD, President

Lithium in Neuropsychiatry: The Comprehensive Guide

Michael Bauer, Paul Grof and Bruno Müller-Oerlingausen (Eds.) in collaboration with The International Group for the Study of Lithium-Treated Patients (IGSLI)

informa healthcare 2006, 552 pages, US $ 169.95

LITHIUM IN NEUROPSYCHIATRY offers a comprehensive outline of the many uses of lithium in neuropsychiatric disorders as well as indications for its use in internal medicine. It is intended primarily for use by clinicians – physicians and other healthcare workers who use lithium to treat patients suffering from these disorders. Thus, it addresses various aspects of effective and safe use of lithium in clinical practice. But because the book also provides an up-to-date description of basic neuroscience relevant for the use of lithium and of the variety of lithium’s effects in the brain and human body, it will also serve interested researchers. The contributors to this book are all experts in their fields and internationally recognized for their significant contributions to lithium research.


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Anne Berghöfer, MD



Matthew D. Gaskins



Ute Lewitzka, MD, Secretary

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